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Subzero Competition RDA

Subzero Competition RDA

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The first RDA in Sub Ohm Innovation's Sub Zero series, a line of affordable devices centered around consistent and unmatched performance in the face of competition, the Sub Zero Competition RDA is designed specifically with only the highest standards in efficiency and power in mind.

The Sub Zero Competition RDA is constructed out of solid 304 stainless steel for unparalleled durability and comes standard with a wide bore delrin drip cap to keep the heat on your competition and off of your lips. The deck is a two post design for simplistic building, but the massive 2.5mm post holes and generous build space allow for even the most complex of builds with ease. Both the keyed positive post and milled negative post are made to resist spinning. The air intake chamber for the bottom-feed airflow is directly underneath the deck for insulation from heat transfer via conduction, meaning your mod will stay cool while your competition gets heated. The bottom-feed airflow also reduces the chance of leaking while also increasing the juice well depth. The solid copper 510 positive pin is designed to be extra wide for minimal voltage drop and is also adjustable for a flush fit on any mod lacking a spring-loaded positive pin.

With their revolutionary Sub Zero series, Sub Ohm Innovations is bringing the standard of competition vaping to a new level. Bring your game up to par with the Sub Zero Competition RDA.