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Liqua 18mg 30ml

Liqua 18mg 30ml

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Liqua - Strawberry 18mg 30ml - Freshly harvested strawberries and a gently lingering sweet aroma.

Liqua Apple 18mg 30ml - Crunch down on this fresh ripe apple. Sweet and tangy it’s not just limited to just apple lovers.

Liqua Berry mix 18mg 30ml - Berry Mix Main Flavors: Strawberry | Blueberry | Black Grapes | Raspberry

Liqua Cherry 18mg 30ml - A fusion of fresh cherries, with perfect balance of sweet tartness

Liqua Coffee 18mg 30ml - This flavor is the perfect blend of roasted Italian coffee beans and sweet caramel that are tied together through a pleasantly sweet aroma.

Liqua Cuban Cigar 18mg 30ml - Smooth flavor and a sweet finish provide the distinct taste of a true Cuban cigar.

Liqua Extreme Drink 18mg 30ml - Extreme Drink is an authentic take on the popular fizzy energy drink sold in all convenience stores. A sweet refreshing energy drink flavour.

Liqua Menthol 18mg 30ml - With its smooth, crisp flavor and icy undertones, Menthol will refresh and invigorate you.

Liqua Peach 18mg 30ml - Peach 

Liqua Pineapple 18mg 30ml - Pineapple 

Liqua Turkish Tobacco 18mg 30ml - Turkish Tobacco 

Liqua Two Mints 18mg 30ml - Peppermint/ Spearmint

Liqua Watermelon 18mg 30ml - Watermelon

Liqua American blend 18mg 30ml - Mild, slightly sweet Virginian tobacco mixed with hints of nutty Burley.