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KangerTech EMOW Starter Kit

KangerTech EMOW Starter Kit

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KangerTech EMOW Starter Kit is the latest electronic cigarette kits from KangerTech. 5 colors for your selection. Both the battery and cartomizer are newly designed with Stainless Material. It will bring you new vaping experience than ever.


Length(battery and cartomizer): 151.50mm


The kit comes with

  • 1x battery (1300mAh)
  • 1x clearomizer(1.8ml)
  • 5x coil unit(1.5ohm)
  • 1x adpater
  • 1x USB cord
  • 1x manual

1) How to turn on the battery

The EMOW battery comes with 5-click protection: Generally, the battery is shipped in the off position. In off position, the battery will not function even when pressing the button. To turn on battery, press manual button 5 times within 2 seconds. You will see colorful LED blink 3 times. To turn off battery, press manual button 5 times within 2 second as well, the colorful LED will also blink 3 times!  "5-click protection" can protect the battery from being activated when you do not want or do not use it. No more firing in your pocket!

Specially, you can adjust the battery's output voltage by pressing  the button 3 times in one second while the LED light will blink 3 times. 3.7V(Red light), 4.2V(Green light), 4.8V(White light)

There is a sticker on the battery for power on guidence. Please remove it before use.

2) Charging

When the battery power is low, the battery LED flashes 15 times continuously while pressing the button, pls get the battery charged immediately.

To charge the battery, pls gently screw the battery into the USB charger. Plug the USB charger into the USB port of an AC-USB  charger or a computer. It takes about 4 hours to fully charge the battery.


1.You should use only the dedicated USB charger for the battery.

2. Pls Fully charge the battery before using to maintain a good battery life span.