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Demon Killer  Wire

Demon Killer Wire

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Here comes the 15ft Demon Killer Atomizer DIY Wires, including; Alien Wire, Flat Twisted Wire, Fused Clapton Wire, Hive Wire, Mix Twisted Wire, Quad Wire and Tiger Wire. All high quality at attractive prices. Get them as spares so you never have to worry!

Length: 15ft (about 5m)
Material: Kanthal A1
Alien wire 0.3*0.8+32GA
Flat twisted wire 0.2*0.8*2
Fused clapton wire 28GA*2+32GA
Hive wire (30GA+30GA)*2
Mix twisted wire 0.2*0.8+26GA
Quad wire 28GA*4
Tiger wire 26GA+0.2*0.8