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Bams Cannoli Starwberyy 100ml 3mg

Bams Cannoli Starwberyy 100ml 3mg

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Bams Cannoli Stawberry Cannoli has the flavor profile of well.. You guessed it! A cannoli filled with delicious strawberry frosting. The inhale consists of a delectable strawberry frosting sensation which will immediately make your eyes grow wide with joy. Upon exhaling is when the fresh made cannoli flavor comes into play and blends together with the strawberry cream perfectly

Strawberry Cannoli is a perfectly browned cannoli shell filled with a sweet and creamy fresh strawberry filling.
All that goodness dusted with powdered sugar to bring it all home.

Available in 100ml Authentic Chubby Gorilla

Nicotine: 3mg.

80VG/20PG Ratio