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Bams  Captain Cannoli 100ml 3mg

Bams Captain Cannoli 100ml 3mg

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Bams Cannoli Captain Cannoli make you think you’ve been transported straight to Italy! In this premium e liquid you will experience a flavor so rich and tantalizing you won’t want to put it down. Captain Cannoli is profiled to taste like a cannoli filled with vanilla cream and rolled through crunchy cereal. Do not wait to try this vape juice out. You will not be disappointed!

Once you try this e juice you will understand why Bam’s Cannoli named this one ‘Captain”.

Upon inhale, you are met with the smooth and sweet vanilla cream filling and delectable cannoli flavors. Your taste buds will be jumping for joy after your first hit! Upon exhale, you are met with the crunchy cereal flavor that just pushes this e juice over the edge of greatness

Flavor Profile: Vanilla Cream Cannoli, Crunchy Cereal

Available in 100ml Authentic Chubby Gorilla

Nicotine: 3mg.

80VG/20PG Ratio